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Friday, January 9, 2009

JeJu: Home of Well Being??????????? Part One

It's a New Year and so there many of you have probably been doing as well...I have been making lots of new goals and adding lots of new things to my to do list!!! It has almost been a constant state of mind this week! My method is to use this time of year as an over all time for reflection of my self...I make some short term goals that I hold important, but I also broaden the spectrum a bit...I figure the wider the path the easier it is to stay on the straight and narrow...If I have a handful of resolutions then I am bound to succeed at atleast one of them...or so I hope!!!

This year I have been reflecting and resolving on a lot of typical ones like to drink tons more water...exercize more and eat take more time to do things for my be a better morning person...and a better mom!!! And then there is my goal to be less moody and more forgiving with DH...and to be a more generous lover (including touching the man parts a little more often)...I have of coarse not clued DH in on these last few and probably won't as too not set any one up for dissapointment!!! Who needs extra pressure, Right?!!

And the list continues with blogging more consistantly...creating more opportunities to spend date time with DH (even if it's at home)...Doing more fun and creative things as a family...adding more culture to our lives!!!...To send my letter to Oprah and Nate for my dream home spend more time with women ( I am in need of a few ladies nights)...and not to be forgotten either is to make room for spontaneity in my life and to challenge my self each and every day...there will probably be a few more added to the list before this day is over and as the year continues...

See what I mean...If all of these are officially declared as my resolutions for 2009 then even if I were to only attept some of them I would have made a great effort...Not that this is my way of thinking and that I am trying to get around good ole fashion worK!!! I am ready for the work and am committed to following through with a good chunk of this, but I am not giving my self a limited opportunity for success and I am having a realistic, already overloaded mother's mentality about it all!!! I recommend that you do the same really works!

So I was happy to be well on my way in only one day when an opportunity arose on Wednesday night, spontaniously (I might add)...I was hanging out with my friend insomnia (oh look that's another one right now break up with my other lover insomnia)...When I got a hello on google chat from my cool and enlightened friend Gurudarshan...She's in town still from the holidays and I had just had my prior plans for the next day canceled and so I asked if she wanted to make that trip to the korean spa that she had told me about once!!! she called our other friend whom she had previously made plans with and there you go...

I was off the like an early bird the next morning, very spontaniously, to spend time with some important ladies in my experience a little do some thing for my self for a change...and I challenged my self a little too!!! I am Wellllll on my way!!!

TO BE CONTINUED...................

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