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Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaacccccckkk...with a Crazy Animal Update Too!!!

Well It has been a month and a crazy one at that...So here's an update for you and a vow of my return!!! Will follow with a juicy Christmas post tomorrow!!!

* OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW* At least when it comes to the pets in this house...It was expected when our Old Man Shadow Dog took his last walk about with no return...and then just so sudden and sad when we came home just weeks later to find that our sweet sweet China Cat had lost in a collision with a truck right in front of our drive way...Ironic and I think not just a coincidence that they left together really...They were good friends and we were grateful to have had them as a part of our family...They certainly won't be forgotten!!!

And so the story begins for a new addition to our family..."Mister" Kitty is his name and flea breeding his is game(the boys made that one up)... He is a pretty cute, crazy loved new member of our tribe!!!  It was totally fated that he came into our lives and because we loved our China so, there just isn't much hope for this kitty witty to not be just completely rotten!!! He has big paws to fill though!!! So, with no further ado I give you "Mister" kitty's Mother*Loaded debut...

Isn't he cute?!!!

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