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Sunday, January 4, 2009


There weren't really Ho's though, but seriously...It really was the strangest holiday that I have experienced thus far...I am a nut for this time of year and I really enjoy it with faith like a child...But this year it just wasn't in the cards...I was so happy for it to all be over!!!

It all started with my scrooge of a DH and snow balled from there...He was pisst for weeks that we were expected to do the CRAZY Christmas shuffle...That so many of you probably know all too well...I understand where he's coming from, really I do, but there just isn't a solution or alternative...With divorce running deep in both sides of this family we are destined to spread our selves thin this time of year!!!

So I tried to muster up enough positivity for all of us to carry us through...Oh and did i mention that the Monday before Christmas we went to the pediatrician and came home with strep throat for Scout and bronchitis and an ear infection for Pip!!! So I Thanked God that we had just enough time to get the antibiotics in our system, allowing us to not spread a little extra something along with our Christmas gifts!!!

We headed out for the first of our stops on Christmas Eve around 10am...fully prepared with snacks, water, and Pips inhaler for a long winters trip...Literally, as we were walking out to the truck Scout started to cough for about the first time since he had been sick...and I SWEAR to you that the child coughed every 5-10 seconds for the entire hour and half drive...Poor kid, I almost was mad at him it was so annoying...I have never been so happy to get out of a car in my life...and DH was eager to jump to the conclusion that he and Scout would probably need to go home and skip my family's party later that day!!! Big Shocker there, but I was so distraught from the constant 12 hacks a minute Christmas carol that I literally didn't care all that much!!! We ate, drank, and ripped through the wrapping, were spoiled with too much material wealth as usual, picked a lazer leveler kit in the exchange?, and managed to meet a new addition to the family (through a pregnancy-free shot gun wedding a few months back)...and that about sums it up!!!

Five hours after arriving, we were running late getting all our new loot loaded up and in the car for round two or our adventure...Thank God Scout had recovered enough to not miss out on the fun...We pulled up only about an hour and a half late to see one of my Aunts in a tissy with my Oma(German Grandma) in the cold-e-sac, and when I say "tissy" I mean she was enraged in a way that I have never seen her before...Turns out being late might have been a blessing in disguise because we missed the climactic 
ending beginning of the drama!!!

You see this was my Dad's first sober Christmas and we are all so proud of him and made the choice to show our respect by having a dry Christmas Eve...I guess my "lost" younger sister and her loser boyfriend didn't get the memo!!!  So, needless to say Auntie had some legitimate reasons for her rage...From what I gathered there were some words on the subject and it escalated from there!!! Well Auntie, with the kids in the car already, was off with out even a hello or a gift exchanged!!! I thought that it couldn't possibly get worse and...BOY was I wrong!!!

The drama continued from there and included the awkward sober Dad feeling at the center of the drama..."lost" sister and loser boyfriend continuing to drink and make them selves at home with all uncle's beers...Opa (German Grandpa) has a kumbaya with loser boyfriend about showing respect...Loser, idiot boyfriend doesn't have a F***ING clue and continues to get intoxicated...Opa and Oma catch loser boyfriend grabbing a handful out of the fruit bowl and shoveling it down his throat and then with the entire ham hock in his hands while taking a bite...NO JOKE this really my good friend Iris always says, I couldn't make this shit up!!! Weird Weird Weird...and totally Jerry Springer...All we lacked was the trashy dirty slut of an ex-girlfriend!!! Thank God for that!!!
So then to top it all off, as if that weren't enough for a trashy TV version of a Christmas Eve...Right before we left, our sweet little cousin threw up every where and continued to do so for the next three days, exposing us to the stomach bug!!!

All in all the positive side was that all that drama made me extra grateful for our first Christmas spending the night at our new house and alone!!! I was so much more happy about the idea of getting up on Christmas morning and spending some intimate, drama-free time together as a family...

AND then about 45 minutes after waking the door bell rings and the saga continues...Grandpa got confused and thought he was expected on Christmas day when in fact we had invited him over for the 26th...

Whatever, at this point...WHAT THE F#^*@ EVER...

Took him with us to my Mom's for the day and then apologized when Grandma got to our house later that evening to find her unexpected ex-husband here as well...You win some and you lose some...

Hope your Christmas was more laid back than mine and if not...then take comfort in the fact that you are not alone...Better luck next year...It couldn't possibly be worse, Right???

Happy New Year to you all!!!!!
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Anonymous said...

Man! My head is spinning at the thought. I can only handle one social engagement a week and that schedule would send my scattered self into a frenzy. congrats on surviving. it was extra haggared and harried this year I thought too!

Anonymous said...

bhahahahaha! That was hilarious and yes comfort was taken from my divorced family Christmas. It was quite normal compared to this. You are a great writer CC and I really enjoy getting to know you and your adventures through this creative outlet.
Love you know who ; )