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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well it appears that my last blog about our "poor old man" has become ironically bitter sweet...It's now been 5 days since we've seen that stinky, sweet old dog and I am just so sad that it had to be this way and I wish we would of had one last goodbye...It seems that I was right about him leaving us for the last time and at this point I am hoping that he's already past and not hungry cold or too weak to come home...I can tell that DH is sad...He had some very watery eyes when we spoke of it last night...I am trying to be extra sweet and loving...and  funny to cheer him up too...Which is why I asked how long he was going to leave the dried dog shit in our garage for sentimental value!!! 

On the plus side one other missing critter that I hadn't blogged about was discovered yesterday!..I found out about this missing creature, that was lurking who knows wear in my house, by accidental honesty which I was oh so happy about.  Turns out that Scout lost him over a week ago and "forgot" to mention it to DH and I...Yeah I was so happy to hear about this after the fact..."you mean to tell me that I have been letting you have sweets and play instead of cleaning your room and you were lying to us about Hermie the whole time?"  "I wasn't lying I just forgot!" "Yeah, I'm not buying it mister...when you forget to mention something that big it's called lying." Lucky for Scout...Pip found him under his bed before we enforced any type of good punishment for his forgetfulness...I am usually good about enforcing all types of punishments (especially when the victim is DH...his favorite is nipple tweaking.)  So, I think it's good to let a few things slide hear and there.  However, we are still having reminder conversations about how lucky he is that we didn't find the crab due to a foul dead crabby kind of stench through out our entire house...with out a clue of where the little crustaceans was put out of his misery!  Crabs are scavengers , so who knows how long it could have survived on it's own?..In this house, with my cleaning habits maybe years!!! 

We love you old man of a dog...Hope your looking down on us from doggy heaven where there's endless table scrapes...If not then get your ASS home so we can love on you before you are!!!


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