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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Oh, I'm Nagging?...Well This Is What's Nagging Me!!!!!!!

I must for warn you that I am not in a happy blogging mood today...Honestly I am just peeved...(annoyed; irritated; vexed)...I'm sure this won't be the last but instead the first of many husband related posts...Sorry Honey! but this is my life!

Let me tell you a little bit about my DH, in an effort to be fair...I'll start with a few positive notes...At heart he is a very loving and conscious man...If I wasn't sure of that then I would have blown this popsicle stand a long time ago!  Most of his issues I'm afraid are just do to the fact that he is a man, but some of them I think are do to his personal baggage from the past...The man has been through a lot and he is so prideful, that I don't believe he has really allowed himself to come full circle with some of his personal shit...(don't worry babe, this blog is anonymous to most, and for those who do know about it, I'd be divulging this shit anyways.) 

As I'm writing this it's 11 am and Scout is up in his room reading (he's grounded and sick: a whole nother post subject entirely) and Pip is watching the tube...DH is passed out on the couch and hasn't said anything in the past hour other than to bitch about the volume of VeggieTales...And so goes the reasoning behind my bitter housewife mentality!!!!!!!!

All week long I carry my over flowing mother load...I carry it at 6:15 am when I have to rise and shine to prepare my babies for carpool and  school...I carry it two days a week to my part time job...I carry it every afternoon when I am shuffling back and forth to assist in homework and all the other papers that elementary school requires...I  carry it to the grocery store...and every night when I make dinner and then have to clean up after everyone and when I squeeze in all the other house cleaning that only I am capable of doing apparently...

And if I ask for a little enthusiasm and selflessness about parenting over the weekend...I AM NAGGING!!! I don't know if DH even knows what nagging is! I don't think that asking him to be up by 9:30 to feed his children one morning a week is that much to ask.  Give me a fucking break...literally...Oh and did I mention that I am sick as would think that would be motivation enough to support me and spend time with his kids besides saying good night or have a good day half consciously from the couch(on the mornings that he does decide to grace us with his presence)...and he has the audacity to bitch about me interrupting his sleep cycle...


this is just pathetic whining...why don't you leave that to the babies that are under the age of 8 in this household!!!

Thanks for letting me vent...Man am I peeved...Don't worry about us though, we're seeing someone and talking this all through with a professional...Thank God!..I think we all need to do that at one time or another...It's going really well too, but I still wish that there was a magical pill or spell that I could just slip him in order to give him a fucking clue!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to talk about all of this with Dr. Therapist next week!!! And they wonder why we don't have a sex drive anymore! Who wants to have sex with that?..Not me, very often at least!

Well I better get up and get to my slave duties...there's lots to clean up after every one else this weekend...

Mama L

P.S. It's know 12 and DH is still in and out of consciousness on the couch!!! 

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The Bearded Iris said...

Hang in there honey! I think it is fantastic that you started a blog. Venting is good. Very healthy and empowering. That man hit the jackpot with you...don't let him forget it. Blog on, sistah friend!