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Friday, October 17, 2008

Dog @ Large!!!

Here he is on a better day...In a better year...Our dear old man of a dog!!!

Oh the irony of paying for a dog at large ticket when your large dog is as old as Christmas and looks like with every step that he's going to croak with in the next minute!.He can hardly walk anymore yet he continues to go on walk abouts...So, as you could imagine I was just so thrilled to hear from DH once again that he had lost the dog on another rainy day when he would be leaving for out of town...Exactly the circumstances last time...Figures, He makes the mess and I'm stuck here to deal with it...The last one cost us $140!..and my sanity, when I had the most difficult time communicating with the hillbilly, dip spitting, tooth missing, animal control officer...It was a clear scary reminder of the fact that we ain't in the city or a college town no more!!!

Long story short...We had a misunderstanding about the ticket and my options to have it changed into DH's name so that I wouldn't have to give up my winnings in the field trip lottery...I never win anything and I was so excited to mine gold with Scout and the rest of the third grade!..When I finally ended up on the phone with the supervisor it wasn't my most gracious moment...and I have to admit when hill billy came to my door once more this evening to check and see if we found the old man yet...I felt kinda bad!  He didn't have our poor old crippled dog but was letting us know that he got a call and knew it had to be him!..It was nice of him to stop by and let us know (although I think it is his job) and I made sure that I very graciously thanked him for filling us in and keeping an eye out for him...

Now if I could just convince DH to stop letting him stumble off and while he's at it open up his eyes and see that our dear old Dog is miserably unhappy and doesn't want to be here anymore!
I don't know if he's wandering of in an effort to die or to punish DH for continuing to keep him around...I know this all might sound cold and harsh, but if you saw this dog for just one minute and felt his sad pathetic energy you would know that this here is just fact...When we drug him camping (not to far from the car either) last month, we literally had to carry him back...He literally would not get up when it was time to go...It was as if he was saying..."Just leave me, Just leave me here and let me go."

The poor poor thing can hardly walk and shits and pisses at random as if he never saw it comin...and I will embarrassingly add that since our move he went from a bona fide back yard a red neck dog on a rope, tied around a tree in our backyard (hence our new house did not come with a fence and we are too poor right now to build one)...It's horrible...and every time the poor old man looks at me with his sad empty eyes I just say that I am sorry and assure him that it's not my doing and that I love him!..

It really isn't my choice and I am glad for that...He is DH's dog and has been around for way longer than me...I can't imagine having to make it and I completely understand why DH is having such a tough time deciding what's right...But I assure you this...when I have sad empty eyes and I am peeing and shitting on my self...

Be grateful for what we had...say a prayer....kiss me good night...and send me home!..I'll be ready, I promise!!!

Come home our dear poor old dog...I'm worried about you tonight...It's dark and cold!



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