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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Milkin it for all it's worth!!!

It been eleven weeks since the start of school and we are on our third round of the effects of the germ pool...Scout and Pip are pretty healthy and I like to think that I have threatened them enough to know that they wash their hands the right way...even when they are hard at work filling their brains and collecting germs!!!

Thankfully this last one seems to be spreading faster, so it might not be a month before we're all on the mend!!! I have already threatened to send the kids to school dressed as surgeons, hair nets and shoe covers in all...maybe then we might get to spend a week without as much snot and hacking around here...Hey that would be a good way to boycott the "No Halloween Celebrating" at school...Don't be surprised if halloween comes early for this family...I still have some extra protective eye wear and such from Scout's science party last year (don't know what I was thinking!)

I feel like these bugs are milking me for all I'm worth and when DH is sick I feel like he's milking it for all it's(me) worth too!

I am done...Please God give us some peace...So I can get back to blogging and avoiding my housework...Wether than not having the energy to do it...Literally only having enough energy to load the dishes!!!

GOD please please please!!!

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