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Friday, October 10, 2008

Come Back Wine-O and Miss Tomboy!!!!!! My kids are bored and I need a drink!!!!!!!

I'm not one to feel sorry for my self, really...I have a feeling that it might look that way once my virtual journal here fills up...But really, I assure you that in all other areas of my life I am a half glass full kind of person...An Optimist! Lately about this one thing though...I must confess...I have been very negative!

Just a couple weeks ago we lost our neighbors...Our dear dear playmate, My wine drinking buddy and husband bashing partner in crime, and her hubby too I suppose!!!  "Miss Tomboy" was such a great playmate to my Scout and Pip!  She was like the balance between these two brothers!  We all shared everything...mac-n-cheese...Gas (sharing carpool duties)...Sanity keeping up with the kids in the back yard!  It was the most beautiful neighbor relationship and I am missing it terribly!!!

For you to understand why my torment over this loss is so great, you must know just how fated this union really was!  We moved here around 10 months ago and it was a devastating move for me and DH...We left behind our diverse progressive college town...for the far north isolation of the suburbs...This was extremely painful for us to do, even though we both knew we needed it and wanted it too...

I just knew that there weren't going to be any mamas my age with kids the boy's age...I knew I was going to be the outsider amongst all these traditional thirty and forty something moms...and low and behold...I bravely walk next door to ask about the bus schedule and I find "Wine-O."   It was so meant to be...She's was exactly that, a young hip mama of  a cute well mannered girl smack in between my boys...And Ironically enough there were a lot of similarities in our stories...They were a blended family too...She needed me as much as I needed her and we even pretty much agreed on how to rear our brood...It couldn't have been more meant to be!!!!

So, this is why I am just so beside myself about why I am now here and isolated once more...right when I got dependent on my once weekly husband bashing and my few times weekly happy hour, and nights here and there that I didn't have to cook alone...poof and their gone...

And I am here now wondering who will move next door...knowing very well that whom ever they are they just wont suffice! I'm praying every night that they won't be nearly as bad as the scary folks we already have on the other side!

I just want my Wine-O and Miss Tomboy back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I been missin you,
Mama L

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