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Friday, January 9, 2009

JeJu: Home of Well Being!!!!!!!! Part Two

If you didn't realize that this post is titled as part two and you stumbled upon it with out reading it's partner (that likes to go first), then please check out part one of JeJu here...or read on with out it if you must...

You see I am a free spirit and all and most of my closest friends (family really) are free spirited and cultured beings as well!!! So it was no shocker to have been exposed to Jeju from my friend Gurudarshan or that it would be all traditional and full of nakedness, but still I was a little funny about it! I guess maybe I have a pinch of modesty...not in all circumstances but in semi public places Yes yes I do...

Despite that small challenge...actually partially because of it...My first Korean Spa experience was awesome!!! It wasn't all nakedness, just a bit...and even though I felt like an insecure rebelling teenager for a second as I undressed in the locker room and saw the hand sized towels that they provide for you to use...As I knew it would, it felt good to challenge my inhibitions and to let go of any and all of my womanly insecurities and to be proud as I walked this naked ass through the locker room and into the hot tub...It was liberating and just added to the experience!!!

It was relaxing and oh so fun too!!! After checking out the hot tub and refusing to stick more than a toe in the cold plunge tub...we checked out the hottest sauna I have ever been in in my life (seriously the salt or something else in that herb mix was so intense in there that my nostrils were almost burning)...we then dressed in our provided pink t shirts and long shorts to venture into the common area of the spa...

It was incredible...there were around 7 different saunas to experience and each one was filled with different properties to surround you with and to provide different benefits ...Three of them were these huge free standing beautiful domes in the center of the common room and they were probably my favorite...One was entirely built and covered with natural salt bricks, said to strengthen your cardiovascular system, increase blood circulation, flush out impurities, and release dead skin cells...The next surrounded with semi precious stones and crystals had a huge(and I mean gynormous) star made of amethest on the ceiling...It was so beautiful in there without a single spot that wasn't covered in crystals...and the other dome was all silver and gold, known to have a positive effect on nerve stability!!! I mean how cool is that!!!

Then aside from the domes are a few other saunas on the filled with Korean baked clay to bring relief to your tight muscles(if you have those) and to flush out impurities for refreshed skin...One with toxin absorbing charcoal and another with jade to increase metabolism, improve circulation, and relieve arthritis pain!!! Oh, and the rock ice room to cool you down too!!!

Now some of you may not choose to believe in the healing properties of these natural elements...But lets face it people wether you wanna believe in it or not, it's cool to think about and just as relaxing to experience....I don't know how much these properties played into my overall state of bliss when I left but personally I don't care...

The combination of all these, along with much needed time for my self...a day spent with cultured women...and the traditional public korean bath that I took on a stool and along side others...WORKED...I felt great when I left...relaxed, replenished, and rejuvinated!!!
So, I will certainly go back again and I might even let one of those korean ladies give me a body scrub or a "hip bath" next time too!!!

What's a "hip bath" you say??? Oh yes ladies you can have your hooohaaa treated there too...while you sit on a seatless stool and traditional korean herbs are steamed up your lady junk!!!!!! Said to help balance yeast and all sorts of other stuff that I can't remember...I am determined to do a little more research on this particular tradition, so I'll keep you posted on what I find out...And on second thought what other kinds of spas do we have in the Atlanta area?..Cause I wanna know!!!!!!!!

A more cultured and relaxed ML

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Tamera said...

Hi! I went there for the first time on Sunday after reading about it in Creative Loafing on Saturday. LOVED IT! I hope to be back often. I spent four leisurely hours there. I was also a little hesitant at first too about the nakedness, didn't know if I could do it. But after 3 hours of sauna and eating...I sucked it up and bit the bullet. Liberating!! I can't wait to go back. I came across your blog as I was googling hip baths, trying to find out more info. You find anything?

Anonymous said...

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